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Making difference work

About me

Maxine's training as a Couple Counsellor began nearly thirty years ago with Coventry Relate. Maxine has an MSc in Health Psychology and worked as an BACP accredited Couple Counsellor for over twenty years.  She is also a qualified supervisor and a teacher in Adult Education. Maxine runs her own Counselling Centre and has specialised in Autistic individuals, couples and families since 1998.

Maxine is the author of four books, two of which have been reissued and updated as a second edition. Her books have been translated into five languages. ‘The Other Half of Asperger Syndrome’ was the first book worldwide, published on relationships when one partner has Autism

Maxine has been running workshops for twenty five years. Maxine’s workshop, for partners that live with an autistic adult, have been highly successful and attended by participants from all over the world. Maxine has spoken at both National and International Conferences.

The New Cassandra Workshop

The New Cassandra Workshop is designed for women who have a partner who is Autistic.

Maxine has been running Cassandra Workshops for over sixteen years and they have been well attended by individuals from all over the world.


The aim of the workshop is to bring together a small group of women to share a day of learning, discussion, understanding and support within a safe environment.


Many of the attendees have benefited by the support from like-minded members and have formed long term friendships whilst creating a support system. This has, in return, reduced the feelings of loneliness that many of the women express.

The one day workshop aims to improve well being and restore self-esteem, which in turn can benefit all in the relationship and family.

Forthcoming Events

The New Cassandra Workshop

21st June 2024

One Day Workshop

Sketchley Grange Spa Hotel, Sketchley Lane, Burbage, Leicestershire. LE10 3HU

Small Group - Places limited.

Please email Maxine at the for details and booking form.

Workshops for Professionals

Counselling Neurodivergent Adults and  Couples when one or both are Autistic. Understanding and Working with Neurodiversity.

Course Title: - Counselling Neurodivergent Adults and  Couples when one or both are Autistic. Understanding and Working with Neurodiversity.

Trainer: Maxine Aston MSc Health Psychology: C.C. Relate.

Duration: Six hours

Delegates: The workshop is aimed at professionals working with individuals, couples and families that have Autism. Workshops can include up to twenty delegates.

Overview : A one day workshop that aims to increase the understanding of this complex condition and develop useful methods and strategies for working with autistic individual's and autistic neurodiverse couples.

Workshops are interactive and offer a balanced combination of activities, learning and discussion. The workshop is sensitively paced to meet individual needs and there will be time allowed for having questions answered. 

Objectives: To increase understanding of how being an Autistic adult will impact on the individual and their family.


  • Understand what is meant by Theory of Mind, Meltdown and Mindreading.

  • To recognise what indicators can suggest their clients are on the Autism Spectrum.

  • To evaluate when, how and if to share with their clients that they might be on the Autism Spectrum.

  • To understand the overall effect that Autism and Alexithymia may have on both partners and how this will have impacted on the relationship.

  • To put into practice strategies, and teach coping skills, that will best support a Neurodiverse couple.

  • To be aware of some of the strategies and communication styles counsellors should avoid when working with a Neurodiverse couple.

  • To look at and discuss case studies.

  • To have knowledge of tools and strategies that may help couples to discuss sexual feelings and emotions. 

  • To practice new skills in role play.   

This workshop is not offered online


Books by Maxine.

BOOKM 6.jpg
Image by Federico Respini


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