logo Maxine Aston
MSc. Health Psychology
C&G 7407 Further Education
Diploma in Casework Supervision

Specialising in relationships affected by Asperger Syndrome.
Individual, couple and family counselling.
Conference speeches, lectures & workshops.

Author of What Men With Asperger Syndrome Want to Know,   The Asperger Couple's Workbook,   Aspergers in Love  &   The Other Half of Asperger Syndrome


The Two of Us and ASC - Workshop
A new project is under development in Norway. This project's aim is to offer courses for couples where one of the partners has a diagnosis within the autism spectrum. The project is financially supported by the Norwegian government. You may click the link below for more information on the course.
The Two of Us and ASC web site.

Different Together
Different Together is a safe, supporting and understanding community for the partners of people affected by Asperger's Syndrome.  It provides information and resources include an online forum and opportunities to meet up.
Different Together web site.

Website and support group for couples and partners who are affected by Asperger syndrome.
Raises awareness and understanding of both perspectives as it allows members to offer feed
back and advice to each other.
ASPIRES web site.

Prof. Tony Attwood
Leading authority on Asperger syndrome whose books and worldwide conferences have helped many people become aware and understand more about this disorder.
His website is packed with information, latest reseach and news.
Tony Attwood' web site.

Cloud 9 Children's Foundation (New Zealand)
Keeping the dream alive for children with Asperger's syndrome.
Cloud 9 is there to provide information and support, to parents and professionals working with, or caring for, a child or teenager newly diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome.
Where necessary to provide information, to parents and professionals, about getting a diagnosis when they may have concerns about a child or teenager who has not yet had an official diagnosis; providing families with information about external support services and agencies who may be able to provide further assistance. Cloud 9 web site.

Families of Adults Afflicted with Asperger Syndrome.
P.O. Box 514 Centerville
MA 0263
The FAAAS support group is run by Karen E. Rodman, whose husband has both Asperger syndrome
and Tourette's syndrome. FAAAS Inc. is based in Cape Cod, Massachesetts, USA.
Although the group is based in America, those all over the world who have access to the Internet make use of its service.
FAAAS web site.

National Autistic Society (NAS)
Head Office
393 City Road,
London EC1V 1NG
Tel: 020 7833 2299 Fax 020 7833 9666
Autism Helpline: 0870 600 8585
NAS web site (National Autistic Society).
and or
PARIS web site (Public Autism Resource and Information Service).

On Line Asperger syndrome Information & Support.
This site has much to offer parents of children with Asperger syndrome
O.A.S.I.S. web site.

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* What Men With Asperger Syndrome Want to Know
* The Asperger Couple's Workbook
* Aspergers in Love
* Translations into Dutch and Japanese

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* AfDD Paper

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* Embracing Difference in the Therapy Room. Contempory Psychology 2013
* Could your Husband be Autistic? Daily Mail: March 2013
* Asperger Syndrome in the Bedroom
* BACP Info Sheet G9
* Growing Up In an Asperger Family
* Asperger Syndrome in the Counselling Room

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