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University Of Greenwich

Welcome to the Eye Contact Research Study.

Neurotypicals in a long term relationship with a neurodiverse partner are wanted to participate in a study into eye contact and its implications for Cassandra Syndrome (AfDD/ OTRS). This research is for the neurotypical partner only. 


The criteria for participants is simply living with a partner with ASC/ Asperger syndrome (formal or informal diagnosis, or suspected) for 2 years or more. Gender or sexuality is not important.


Participation is through an anonymous link and is completely confidential. The study is an online experiment, no interviews, just a short video to watch, a quick game to play and some multiple choice questions. It takes around 20 minutes and should be completed in one sitting. Please note the study will only work on a computer with a keyboard, not a mobile or tablet.


The link for this research is now closed. 

Thank you to all those that participated and contributed towards it.


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